Engineered Printing Solutions

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for printing onto three dimensional products

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ISO 9001:2015 Certification

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confirms Apex’s commitment to excellence

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Syringes printed on Apex Printing machines


for all types of medical syringes

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Syringe Printing

Apex Machine offers a complete range of syringe printing machines for all levels of production up to speeds of 600 parts per minute or more.  The machines are modular in design and many different features and types of automation can be incorporated in the system to meet production demands, either now or at a later date. All types of syringe - concentric tip, eccentric tip, luer lock, slip ring, etc., with or without orientation to the flange -  can be handled and printed in high quality and with guaranteed zero line precision. Flexapex® offset printing provides the highest quality using a solvent free technology. Read more ...

Strap Printing

Apex strapping printer systems are designed to print a variety of different strapping materials of various widths to provide high quality multi-color printed images with close registration capability between colors. Apex systems can be configured in up to 4 colors, with up to 12 lanes, to offer printing qualities and through-put capabilities not previously available. 
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Polypropylene and other strapping printed on Apex Printing machines


for all type of strapping materials

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