Engineered Printing Solutions


Engineers of customized parts handling and printing systems for three dimensional components and products.

The range of machines and machine types offered by Apex Machine Company is extremely broad, providing parts handling and printing solutions for an extremely diverse range of products, parts and components. Each machine is typically fully customized, or even designed from scratch, to suit the specific requirements of each customer.

To find out more about an offset printing system that meets your requirements please contact Apex Machine Company today.

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Custom Engineering Design at Apex Machine Company

Engineered Solutions

We will be at Drupa 2024 with personnel available to discuss any projects for printing directly onto three dimensional products made of plastics, metals and other substrates.
See us on Stand No. D50 in Hall 15.
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Visit Desco Machine Company for high speed, cost effective, printers for caps, closures, lids, buckets, pails, tubs and tubes.
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Visit Capex Corporation for custom blended inks, print supplies and consumables, photopolymer platemakers and plate materials.


Some examples of our specialist areas

We make machines to print onto Blood Collection Tubes; Cryule Vials; Pipettes; Syringes; Dental Needle Holders; Centrifuge Tubes; Dosage Tubes; Dispensers; Pill Cases; Pill Dispensers; Pill Jars; Pills; Thermometers; Safety Components; Stents; Catheters; Insulin Pen components & dials.
We make machines to print onto Fuel Filters & Oil Filters of all sizes; Gas Struts; Spark Plug Insulators; Brake Hoses; Instrument face plates; LED Glass; Extuded Moldings; Radio and Stereo Face Plates; Brake Linings; Bumpers; Electrical Clips & Connectors; Fuses; Dashboard Components and more.
We make printers for Folded box overprinting - paper & card, corrugated; Band-Aid boxes; Bowls; Buckets; Egg cartons, Ice cream containers & lids; Lunchmeat packaging; Margarine cups & lids; Metal tubes; Rigid & semi-rigid tubes; Yogurt cups & lids, Clamshell packs.
We make printers for Plastic Clips; Containers of all shapes and sizes; Lids and Closures of all shapes; Caulking Tubes; Squeeze Tubes; Aerosol Spray Cans; Plastic Hangers; Hanger Clips; Golf Tees - plastic or wood; Firework Casings; Shotgun Shells, Arrow Shafts; Baseball Bats; Golf Ball Markers; Golf Balls; Ski Poles and more.