Medical and Pharmaceutical

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  Various to suit specific product types and applications   Blood Collection Tubes; Cryule Vials; Pipettes; Syringes; Dental Needle Holders; Centrifuge Tubes; Dosage Tubes; Dispensers; Pill Cases; Pill Dispensers; Pill Jars; Pills; Thermometers; Safety Components; Stents; Catheters; Insulin Pen components & dials   Most product sizes and shapes can be handled   Dry Offset, Flexapex, Silk Screen, Hot Stamp, Rotary Gravure. 1 to 5 colors, plus clear coat if required. Standard or UV dry inks. Pre-treating & drying options available. FDA approved inks for certain applications.
All machines designed with customized handling systems to suit product and in-line production requirements.

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015