Hardware & General Products

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  Various to suit product type and production speed requirements   Level bubbles; Caulk tubes; Hole saws, Circular saw blades, Hacksaw, Handsaw and Jigsaw blades; Flashlight (Torch) canisters; Measuring tapes; Mouldings - extruded; Screw boxes & tubes, Tools - rigid cylindrical shapes; Yard sticks & rules, Extruded strapping, Fabric strapping, Paper & Cardboard Rolls, Spools  All common sizes and shapes can be handled   Flexapex, Dry Offset, Silk Screen, Hot Stamp, Rotary Gravure, Letterflex, Flexographic.
Pre-treating & drying options available.
All machines designed with customized handling systems to suit product and in-line production requirements.

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015