Integrated production and packingApex Machine, in partnership with Sharp Packaging Systems, a world leading manufacturer of pre-opened EZ-Bags® and bagging machinery, can now offer these state of the art automatic bagging machines as a turn-key integrated option with printing lines when required. Apex will also supply and service requirements for stand-alone applications for the baggers and can additionally provide CE compliant versions of the most popular auto bagging machine models for the European market.

These bagging machines set a new standard for bagging operations. Now, mail order fulfilment can have individualized addresses on their bags. Clean room environments can accomplish bagging operations on site. Short-run and long-run production firms can set up bagging operations to suit their many needs. With their low cost and cost reduction features, absolutely anyone can benefit from the unique features of these machines.


Features & Benefits

Sharp - Features & Benefits


  • Can be interfaced with existing automation.
  • Wide variety of bag sizes and types.
  • Fully automatic operation.
  • Suitable for clean room environments.


  • Retail bagging of pill bottles.
  • Prints customer and prescription information directly on bag.
  • All electric design allows in-store countertop bagging of prescriptions.
  • Produces sealed, tamper-evident prescription packages.


  • Load and print bags from a database or mailing list.
  • Uses postal approved E-Z bags®, and Sharp's co-extruded mailer bags.
  • Save 30-50% by using Sharp's mailer bags vs. paper envelopes.
  • Prints the next bag out.
  • A must for mail order fulfillment centers.

Long or Short Runs

  • Can print different, unique information on each individual bag.
  • Eliminates costly labels, production runs of one bag are now economical.
  • Can produce thousands of bags without stopping.
  • Change bag sizes in seconds.

Publishing Houses

  • All electric design enables you to use them in your mail room.
  • Save 30-50% by using Sharp's mailer bags vs. paper envelopes.

Medical / Electronics

  • All electric design enables you to use in clean room environments.
  • Use Sharp's E-Z Shield ESD bags® to protect expensive electronic components.
  • Gamma bags for ETO sterilization.