OSHA LogoAs a machine manufacturer, we have been faced with the appropriate interpretation of the Williams-Steiger Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.

In our opinion, the burden of compliance with the Act is placed on the user of the equipment and the Act is very general to the extent that the determination of the compliance is a judgment on the part of the local inspector.

We have also found that many provisions in the Act deal with the positive actions that the user of our machinery must take to ensure that his or her employees must follow certain requirements irrespective of the machinery upon which the employee is working.

In other words, the responsibility for meeting OSHA requirements on an Apex machine is not necessarily ours, but yours.

No doubt as time goes on, industry standards will evolve and a more definitive opinion can be reached as to a definitive line of Standards that would be accepted on a national basis.

We have been working quite closely with the various trade associations and their OSHA Advisory Committees to determine appropriate Standards.

Under these circumstances, we undertake to supply our equipment compliant with the Apex Standards and our interpretation of the latest OSHA and CE regulations.

Apex machines are manufactured according to good practices of the USA and in accordance with the requirements specified by the buyer.

Hence, we will cooperate in every way to assist the buyer in having their Apex system comply with their local OSHA requirements.