Introducing High Quality Print on Strapping

Apex strapping printer systems are designed to print a variety of different strapping materials of various widths to provide high quality multi-color printed images with close registration capability between colors. The Apex system can be configured in up to 4 colors, offering capability and quality solutions not previously available.


The appropriate width strapping material is webbed onto an automatic pulling unit where the controls are activated to pre-treat the material, to print it in multiple colors using the dry offset printing process, and dry the print image either by exposure to ultraviolet light, or by hot air to cure the graphics. The printers can be configured to handle from 1 to 12 lanes - thus providing the potential for high production levels where needed. The standard printing heads will provide a maximum repeat length of up to 17 inches - where longer repeats are required, a machine variety with larger print cylinders can be offered with a maximum repeat length of 27 inches.

Apex Strap Printers can be engineered to run as stand-alone off-line systems or, alternatively can be configured to run in line with a customer’s extruding in multi-lane configurations at production rates of up to 375 feet per minute per lane.


Apex Continuous Strapping Printers

Detailed machine information, specifications and, in many cases, videos are available on request once we have the basic details of your application and requirements to enable us to select and supply the most relevant information and recommendations. Please click below to submit a request for additional information. We will be very pleased to provide you further information and assistance.

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