S-40 Dosage Tube PrinterApex S-40 Single Dosage Tube Printer

The S-40 style machine is typically supplied for printing 1-side of flat surface parts, however the basic system can easily be adapted and configured to handle printing onto multiple surfaces and sides. Pictured here is a 2-sided, fully automated system, capable of feeding, treating, printing 4 colors on both sides, curing and exiting strips of single-dosage tubes at production speeds of up to 600 parts per minute.

single dosage tubesThis unique and very versatile system, when supplied as a 1-sided machine, can readily be configured to automatically handle and print IV bags and many other flat medical components, running production speeds of up to 60 parts per minute.

The S-40 APEX Printing system utilizes a building block, modular machine concept, allowing this system to be equipped with multiple and varied feeding and pre-treating systems, printing and curing stations, and part packaging systems.


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