MAX 12 & 20


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Max 12 Bagger

MAX 12

Bags up to 12" (304.8mm) wide
x 40" (1016mm) long

Max 20 Bagger

MAX 20

Bags up to 20" (508mm) wide
x 40" (1016mm) long

MAX Brochure

MAX Brochure

Packaging Specifications

Bag Width Range -
2" – 20" / 5 cm – 50.8 cm

Bag Length Range -
3.5" – 32" / 6.5 cm – 81 cm

Film Gauge Range -
1 mil – 4 mil / 25 microns – 100 microns

Roll Diameter -
10", 14", or fan folded in box

Printing Cycle Rates -
(I) Imprinter end of cycle:
50 bags/min


  • Food
  • Fulfillment
  • Hardware
  • Hobby
  • Injection Molding
  • Medical
  • Parts
  • Retail

Continuous Roll Bagging System

Sharp's E-Z Bags® feed through the machine, are opened, filled with product, then sealed. Runs bags up to 20" wide and 40" long.

  • Technology advancements include HMI, a networkable touchscreen PC running Windows® 7 embedded plus an Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1400 PLC
  • Faster, with huge gains in throughput
    • Printing—50% faster than other printers
    • Reduced cycle times with the lighter weight aluminum jaw
    • Run multiple applications on one machine with both horizontal and vertical loading capabilities
  • Cost savings
    • No queuing and reduced scrap and material cost with moveable printing head
    • Thermal ribbon usage reduced as much as 90% with simple adjustments
    • Longer lasting constantly heated sealing mechanism
    • Off-the-shelf parts
  • Troubleshoot quickly on the PC based system with manuals and video clips on the HMI

MAX™ Bagger Machine Specifications

Dimensions - Height x Depth Weight Air Rate
Base MAX 12" Machine
45.3" (1150mm) wide x 39.7" (1008mm) long
With (I) Imprinter
40.1" (1020mm) to 46.3" (1176mm) high
293 lb / 133 kg 80 psi
5 scfm
5.5 bar
50 bags/min1
Base MAX 20" Machine
52.6" wide x 49.8" long
With (I) Imprinter
39.8" (1020mm) to 45.9" (1166mm) high
348 lb / 158 kg

1 Material, gauge and size of package along with weight and size of product will cause rate to vary. Please contact us if you need more information

Faster Printing

  • Optional Videojet DataFlex® Plus thermal transfer printer for bar codes, graphics and alphanumeric fonts directly onto the package
  • At least 50% faster than printers used by other manufacturers, increasing throughput dramatically
  • Set moveable printing head to precise positions, based on package size, to print bags in order, eliminating queuing and reducing scrap and material cost
  • Reduce thermal ribbon usage as much as 90% with reduced spacing between impressions, printing with alternative registrations, and adjusting impression placements to increase ribbon usage

Cutting Edge Technology

  • Include HMI, a networkable touchscreen PC running Windows 7 embedded plus an Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1400 PLC from Rockwell Automation
  • Touchscreen is a 12.1" TFT (thin film transistor) technology, including a PC with Windows 7
  • Run Windows labeling software, create labels on the PC, save, then add it to a particular job, so the label format is saved as part of the job   
  • Includes a high speed counter, pulse train output and network capabilities

More Efficient Operation

  • Jaw is aluminum, so less mass, lower inertia, faster movement, and cycle times decrease
  • Heavy duty drive fingers don’t bend even with tugging at bags, so no need to realign
  • Proximity sensor is inside the jaw, protecting the magnet field, improving operation in dirty environments
  • Constantly heated sealing mechanism offers a longer life than impulse mechanisms

Bag Styles

E-Z Bags®

  • General Purpose
  • Xtreme Poly (XP)
  • Ultra
  • HD Mailer
  • Sharp Packaging High Density (SPHD)
  • Polypropylene
  • Sharp's Military Specification Film
  • Gamma Patient
  • Sharp's Metalized Barrier Film
  • Electric Static Discharge (ESD)
  • Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP)
  • Sharp's Non-Scratch Film
  • E-Z Stat™ (Anti-Static)
  • Vapor Corrosive Inhibitor (VCI)


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