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Capex Corporation, a sister company to Apex Machine Company, is a speciality ink blender of both conventional and ultraviolet curing printing inks. Our goal is to be a continuous source of the best printing inks, coatings, cleaners and supplies for both your APEX engineered systems and other OEM's printers. Your highly specialized applications require equally specialized inks for optimal printing and production.

Picture shown ink supplies from CapexCapex representatives work closely with the Research and Development Department at Apex to determine the appropriate printing inks for each application. We listen to your individual requirements and apply our expertise to fulfil your printing needs.

Capex Corporation offers a wide range of printing inks, cleaners, and supplies designed specifically for printing, marking and decorating systems and any 3-Dimensional products. Each printing process and product substrate dictates the kind of ink.

Our paste inks are generally used in Dry Offset, Letterflex, Letterpress, and Rotary Letterpress printers. Our liquid inks are generally used in Rotogravure, Rotogravure Offset, Rotoscreen, and Flexography. Custom formulation inks are also supplied for the Flexapex™ and other special processes.

Use our cleaners on the printers, as well as throughout the facilities. Capex hand cleaner is world famous for its safe cleaning power. Supplies and kits are numerous, so please refer to the following catalogue of information.

We welcome the challenges of unusual ink applications.


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