C-9000 PrinterThe C-900 is a versatile machine for circumferential printing, decorating and coating of hollow tubular shaped plastic products of up to 3" diameter and 6" length. This high speed machine base is ideally suited for high volume production parts across a wide spectrum of vials, tubes, syringes, pen and marker barrels, etc.

The system automatically feeds, pre-treats, and prints 360° around the product circumference in up to four colors with UV drying. A clear coat station can also be provided.

The C-900 can be adapted to suit a range of product sizes and therefore has applications for many products. The C-900 can additionally be interfaced with appropriate pre and post print handling equipment to meet many assembly and automation requirements.

Depending upon product size and shape, production speeds of 350 - 600 parts per minute are achievable.

Detailed machine information, specifications and, in many cases, videos are available on request once we have the basic details of your application and requirements to enable us to select and supply the most relevant information and recommendations. Please click below to submit a request for additional information. We will be very pleased to provide you further information and assistance.

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